Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Social Media Marketing?

social-media-mistakesWe’ve all seen how social media can take a small mom and pop business and make them a worldwide; household name. Social media takes word-of-mouth and elevates it to a whole new level. When social media marketing is handled properly it can help a business achieve success. However, if it is not done properly then it can quickly plummet a business to the bottom.

Are you making some of the common mistakes when it comes to social media marketing? You are if you’re doing the following:

  1. Random Posting – All content posted via social media needs to be focused towards your target audience and to represent your brand well. Stay on target and remain focused. Don’t just put out random posts in order to get something out there. If it’s not relevant then its useless.
  2. Personal Instead of Business – While social media is meant to be sociable, remember that you need to stay in a business mindset. Your business profiles should be for exactly that, business. That doesn’t mean you can’t relate to your audience but you don’t want to tell them about the fish you cooked for your kids either. Have content that people can relate to and make you more personable but always keep a business mindset. 
  3. Using the Same Content – While it is great to link your social media profiles to your website, there is always a need for fresh content. Don’t just cross promote the same content and think that it’s going to be enough because it won’t. Keep content fresh.
  4. Post and Watch – Posting content once a month and then sitting back and waiting for something amazing to happen is a waste of your time. Content needs to be streaming constantly. It keeps people coming back for more when you have something new to say.
  5. Giving Away TOO Much Information – While you want to always put out new information, you don’t want to give away all your secrets either. Once you do that why should anyone come back? You’ve already said everything you needed to say. Keep content fresh and new but as with anything, give them morsels and not a meal. 
  6. Ignoring Your Audience – When people read your posts they often have something to say and so they will comment. However if you ignore these comments then you are ignoring your audience. No one likes to be ignored. We like to know that when we say something that someone is listening. If you ignore your audience then eventually they just won’t visit your profile anymore.
  7. Sales, Sales, Sales – While you may be selling a product or service, if everything you have to say is a sales pitch then people will eventually get turned off. You don’t want to feel like every time you visit a site that they have nothing to say except “buy me”. You want an even mix of sales and information flowing. People like knowledge and they like to buy things but too much of the sales approach can turn your audience to the competition.

Social media works. It’s proven to be a powerful marketing tool when used properly. Avoiding the mistakes listed above will get you on the path to success and not failure. Avoid these mistakes and you will have your audience coming back for more.

4 thoughts on “Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Social Media Marketing?

    1. Kim Beasley Post author

      Glad that you found this post helpful. Good luck with your plan too and feel free to return to this blog post to give me an update on how it is going.


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