Should You Leave Facebook?

Social media has taken the world by storm. It has encompassed our every day lives and for some they are like Linus in Charlie Brown and they “need” that blanket. However, do you think there is truth to the theory that the more time you spend on Facebook, the more you think that others have happier lives compared to your own?

The responses to this question have varied but I found them very interesting and wanted to share a few of them with you. One reader responded by saying:

I left Facebook because it was driving me crazy. The software was awful, there was zero interaction, and I was sick of game requests. I don’t know that I have a happier life, but I do dislike Facebook.

This poses the question, is Facebook becoming obsolete in today’s social media stratosphere? People are complaining about the constant changes that Facebook is making. Not to mention that for those who don’t use Facebook to play games, the game requests can get overwhelming.

Another reader responded by saying:

It’s a little plastic over on Facebook. I found there were a lot of very unhappy people on Facebook trying to make everyone think they were happy.

How you do you feel about this statement? Do you feel that Facebook is an outlet for people to make themselves look better than what they are or pretend to be happy when they really aren’t? Even if they are pretending does it really matter?

For those who are in the public eye, is Facebook getting away from really making those connections with your audience? One reader thought so and stated:

I do find that it is much easier to be myself on G+. The majority of my friends on FB I don’t even know, as they added me because I was in the public eye. Here I can pick the people that either 1) I agree with and appreciate, or 2) at least find interesting despite their beliefs and opinions. I’ve hidden so many feeds on FB, I’m surprised the window even scrolls anymore.

So the question still stands, is Facebook beginning to become obsolete? Let me know your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Should You Leave Facebook?

  1. Eli Fennell

    Already have done.  Facebook turned real life friends into “celebrities in their own minds” because they amassed a few hundred followers they had little to nothing in common with and stopped keeping in contact in any other way (lost the ability to send or receive calls or texts or respond to or send emails, apparently), and I just got lost in the crowd.  I’ve made more rewarding “friends” from the “strangers” I meet on Google+… they’re not real life friends, not yet at any rate, but in terms of online friends, the interactions are far more satisfying, they strike me as being more real and less putting something on as show, and I get the intellectual stimulation I was sorely lacking over on Zuckerberg’s Monster, or Big Brother as I like to call it affectionately.

  2. J. Puglisi, LLC

    Facebook is and will continue to be a popular social network. So will Google Plus. Twitter, LinkedIn and even MySpace because they meet the needs of different people. To me, Facebook is the “social” social network where young people post their shenanigans, bored housewives play interactive games and geographically distant friends and relatives exchange vacation photos and life stories. Google Plus is a “professional” social network where artists, journalists, photographers, technicians and other people of like interests find each other and collaborate. They simply serve a different purpose and will be attractive to different people for different reasons.

  3. Niki N

    I will never leave Facebook and here’s why: it’s my connection with my family, many of whom will never use the other social media options (biggest example: my 80-year-old Grama, she’s not super adept at Facebook, forget selling her on Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.). However, I will say that I use it less and I’ve blocked nearly every game out there so I don’t get overwhelmed at all those million requests. I’ve also noticed that there is less and less to look at when I do check in even though I am checking in less often so it seems it may already be obsolete.

  4. Reindeer Instructor

    The final word still remains to be seen, obviously we can all agree that the whole concept will never fully be realized (if it lasts that is) until generations start “passing on” while these social media networks are around, follow? I’m a health care provider, still yet to world war II people, and the common denominator with all of them (with diminished mental ability), always revolves around “the shared experience of their past,” over and over, without question, you with me? So in closing, I think the real “Acid Test” will be in peoples “Golden Years” yet to come… Good, Bad or Indifferent there will be a payoff despite any current minutia talked about now (every little bit helps in the end). But again, like I said earlier, if the whole concept lasts that long, and there is a way to carry All That Information “Over” along with your friends etc, to this golden age….

  5. Lezah Edwards

    I’m just pulling everything together, and I like facebook, because that’s where I have put in a lot of time and energy.  I think with each of these sites the individual still has the opportunity to concentrate on whatever interests them.  I use “feeds” and my “fanpage” to keep everything interesting and up to speed. Facebook is my local community and that gives the best real picture of your “Character”.  If you don’t have good local presence whose to say you are perputrating.  My personality is serious and busines-like and I believe that’s what comes through wherever I go.  I’m keeping facebook….but I’m flexible…don’t want to make my move too soon.  Kim, please visit my page and Like, if you like it.  Thanks, (Promise Seed)


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